24 Jan

The idea of taking something that has a specific purpose (i.e. a urinal) and turning it upside down and calling it art is fascinating to me. The Dada movement was fresh and innovative. It took the standard idea of what art was supposed to be and said, “fuck that, let’s try this.” This movement also gave those that had a creative mind but not artistic ability to draw or paint an opportunity to create what they saw as art. The materials were simple but there was a lot put into each piece. That is probably the biggest reason I enjoy this type of art. It’s not easy to comprehend and does not always make sense. Also the different styles are pretty sick too. In my opinion, collage is the greatest art form known to man. Throwing lots of random crap and ideas together to create one cohesive piece of work is so much fun. I can see how Dada is reflected in digital arts. Both utilize the ready-made, added tweaks here and there make it your own. Both want to give the viewer a new perspective on something that they are familiar with. All in all the Dada movement was a good thing.

Robots are cool.


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