Discussion 1/30

31 Jan

There were some good points brought up in class yesterday about how photography is viewed as factual. A photograph is used to capture a moment in time. To learn that people had modified one of the first photographs was unexpected. Even civil war photos had the same dead guy. That definitely puts what is taught in history classes into question. How can I believe something happened the way it did if someone dicks around with the photograph.
I really dug the face morphs. The “Manimals” were so sick. To be able to do that in the early nineties with the limited computer technology is amazing. The year of the rat is really creepy though.
The 3D modeling part of the reading was cool. They are able to create realistic images from photographs. That would take so much work if it were by hand but now the computer can sort the images and create a single image from multiple images. The picture in the book of the girl with headphones that was completely 3D rendered was ridiculous, it was so good.
The only part of class that bothered me were the photos of the models. I knew that they get altered after the shoot but a lot of those that we saw had tons of work.
I guess a lot of what we discussed was this idea of what people want. That is why models are altered in photoshop and people usually plan a photo before they take it. Ideas of what beauty is are instilled in our minds so we try to produce an images based on these beliefs.


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  1. lee W 10/02/2008 at 7:01 PM #

    Check it out for yourself.


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