discussion 2/6

8 Feb

i’m tired…

so we looked at a lot of artists and their work was pretty sweet.  there was a lot of elements that were ridiculous. like the sci-fi looking work by mariko mori really interests me.  a lot of the artists used what seemed liked collage tactics. there was a lot going on and the way of combining multiple images was well done. i really like the piece by maier-aichen on page 90.  the vibrance of the light against the dark background is something that i enjoy looking at. it’s calm and chaotic at the same time.

when we talked about someone recording their lives and people logging on to watch i thought that was so lame.  who wants to watch someone sit in their house watching tv or doing dishes. that’s almost as lame as writing blogs, or sending text messages to talk to someone. part of the interaction is being there.

and lee is always talking about his work and what he likes to do in his work but he never shows any of it

till next time america


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