discussion 2/13

17 Feb

its late, i know

we talked about of really interesting things. like the pictures of saturn and regenerating body parts, very cool. i wondered how all of that related to this class. it all stems back to the idea that photography originally was a way of documenting and eventually it began to be manipulated. either way saturn is the sickest planet in space. the regeneration of body parts was so cool to see. science is wild. it blew my mind that one day if i lost a finger i could grow it back. but at the same i was skeptical on the before and after photos. someone could have photoshopped them, who knows.

the idea of living longer bothers me. who wants to live 100+ years. i mean it would be nice to see all the advancements and stuff but i thought about the green mile and how he has to live forever and see everyone he loves die. that would suck to be alone all the time and see everyone you know die.


One Response to “discussion 2/13”

  1. leewiesphoto 19/02/2008 at 10:46 PM #

    Dying is the easy part, and as for the integration w/ science and the photo section, I find it fascinating that 1’s and 0’s and the biological off/ on proteins begin to hauntingly become similar functions to process an entire entity. I wonder what can defined as “real” when both processes have the ability to recombine themselves at will.

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