9 Mar

Recap. That’s what i was thinking of doing but now i’ve seem that it has been done. đŸ˜¦ Wildstyle is such a good movie, but infamy is better.

The vice guide to travel vids were hilarious. The outdoor shooting range was the rooftop! I could watch those all day. I like the less serious type of videos that we have seen.

The cremaster was pretty weird. The guy slapping vasoline all over the place was cool. He was all decked out like a badass and had a big spoon, very cool. The glass legs kind creeped me out though.

The you2 guys were just annoying. That whole video was just noise. The outtakes were hilarious but everything else was loud and i didn’t like it all.

This next project is going to be pretty tough. I’ve never worked with video or anything like that so I’m kind of sketch about the whole thing.


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