audio 3/12

17 Mar

Music is amazing. I’m glad we had a class about audio. the soundtrack of a film is key and can make or break the film. Video games are getting better with their music, super intense moments are introduced with fast paced epic music. Although the music adds to the experience i still prefer to kill a clan of locusts to the sounds of Bullet, The Used, or The Strokes. 

The grey album is okay, i mean it’s not the best mash up i’ve heard but it’s pretty good. By the way mash ups are awesome! Some are really well done and a lot of them suck. It’s a lot of experimentation so it’s understandable if they are just horrid. And a lot of them are the same song. I have like 8 versions of gnarls barkley’s “Crazy.”The best mash ups are done by Stereo Gum and party ben is pretty good. The best thing about mash ups is that they are free. Good stuff.


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