good week…kind of

5 Mar

so i got into the BFA program on tuesday. i was really excited, totally unexpected. at the same time i worked really hard. but so did everyone else, CONFLICTED. it’s a pretty good group so we’ll see how it goes. it feels good to accomplish a goal that was set 4 years ago. as soon as i found out i plastered it on my facebook status. complete disregard for anyone else’s feelings. does that make a dick? i hope not. Francoise gave me a high five. EPIC. and yesterday Korin and i totally won the class exercise challenge.

“tag! you dead!  Oh my god, ow!” good times…good times.

The weather! the weather the past week has been ridiculous. I HEART SUNNY DAYS.

All in all it has been a stellar week. Tomorrow is first friday which is always good times followed by BETA!. BETA=MYLIFE. saturday night i’ll be back at BETA for the birthday bash, so fun!

now for the bad…

i got my test back. 66% no es bueno. maybe i should try harder or care a little more. eh i’m sure i’ll figure it out. Oh! and my writing teacher called me out today. my participation in class is awful and my main objective is to not fall asleep. idk 3 paper 3 A’s. i must be doing something right. then again i should engage more in my classes.


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