IDK…because I can, I suppose.

10 Mar

I got a new sketchbook and it’s amazing. This is going to be a legit book, something fantastic. My others are just partial ideas with scribbles, not a lot of meat in those books. Not this one, not this time. The ispiration behind this new ideal comes from looking at Jerraud’s. His sketchbook alone is a work of art. So elaborate, SO detailed. It’s just beautiful. So far it’s been good. What’s gone in it the past few days are pretty tangible ideas that could be expanded into bigger works. Which is good because as far as the BFA goes I have no idea what I’m going to do. No need to stress about it now but it would be nice to have some ideas to fall back on.

Side note: Marley got into the BFA program! Yeah, RIDICULOUS. That’s all I can say. It’s going to be better than I ever thought it could be.**YAY US!!!**

Ideas, ideas…I have none. I’m tapped out for now along with spray paint. Maybe a trip to Home Depot might do the trick. Or I could just stay here and do nothing. Yeah that sounds good. I’ll do that instead.


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