*smiley face*

17 Mar

Oh man, so I can’t believe that just happened!

Sitting in class and the teacher walks in with a sweater. This is the conversation that took place.

student- oh my god is that a new sweater?

teacher-it’s a cardigan

student-i like it. the color is fantastic.

teacher-thanks, it’s really comfy

student-i bet. it’s really nice. nice cardigan

inside i screamed the following word that comes after that phrase. this led to me laughing nonstop for a good minute and a half and everyone staring at me like WTF. i just couldn’t help it. HAHA…good times.


One Response to “*smiley face*”

  1. jeanasea 18/03/2009 at 10:46 AM #

    no WAY!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!! Wow. People. Are. Ridiculous.

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