Oh man

7 May

Look! Another BETA pic! There I am, watching the guy attack the canvas while Alex K rocks a set. Aside from Trajikk, Alex K is the best house DJ Beta has.

BAM night was a big letdown. The only highlight of the night was the live artist. He was way into his piece. He was dancing and flinging paint. Then he would sip his drink then hit it with the spray cans. It was cool to see. The “fashion show” was a little awkward. At one point this asian chick started to dry hump some guy on the runway and then I guess she dies and a huge, and I mean huge, white guy carries her through the crowd. There was a stripper on one box and a chick in a glass box. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. It was extremely hard to follow. Adding salt to the wounds, the band that was playing was pretty awful. It was just noise. Thank God Alex K came back to do another set. It was a slow night so I had the chance to talk to Jill. We talked about her other job and the ridiculous things I had drawn on my hands. She gave me another whisky coke, which she makes ridiculously strong but I enjoy them. I finished my drink, made my rounds and left. That was my first and possibly last BAM night.

P.S. There has been a rise in the number of old people attending Beta. The other night there was like a 60 year old man sipping wine in our dance box. WTF? Get the fuck out of here. Creeper. I blame Westword.


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