11 May

So, it’s officially the first day of the first week of summer…and I have nothing to do. BUT That will all change. This summer will not be like any of my prior summers. I will not revert to the old ways of sleeping til 12, lounging around, watching TV and killing hordes of locusts. Basically wasting time. To make sure this does not happen I’m taking the proper measures. I’ve set my alarm to 7 AM. Comme Des Enfants is a great start to a great day. After a hearty breakfast of Kix, yes Kix, it’s time for a little cardio. My body needs to regenerate after these crazy weekends. No mas video games. Sitting in a dark room for hours can’t be good for anyone. This is the easiest because I hardly play the thing and when I do it’s only for about half an hour before I get bored. Besides, it’s so nice outside. Yay sunshine! I’ll take walks, go on adventures. These stickers aren’t going to stick themselves.

Most importantly I will not stop ART-ing. When summer comes around I usually tend to stop the production. This leads to a month of rehab, trying to reach the level it was at technically and conceptually. Not this time. It’s time for an explosion of ideas and creativity, my own Renaissance.

1. 1 legit drawing a day. Not a sketch or a doodle. A finished work that can go into the portfolio.

2. 10 working drawings for each drawing

3. 1 painting per week. Anything smaller than 36X22 does not count. Going big, giving the people what they want.

4. New week New artist. By studying someone else I can learn a lot. Maybe develop/revise my artist statement.

5. Work with water color

6. Work with oil

7. Start my book. HYF: The Work of Angel Lujan

This is the plan.




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