Schitz Popinov

2 Jun

Getting back into the groove, it’s like I never left. My aunt picked me up from LAX. Driving down the 105, the sun is shining and the mix of palm trees and concrete buildings plastered with graffiti just looks so perfect to me. We get to the house, I unpack my bags and I am handed a set of car keys. My aunt says, “Gas it up and get out of here.” So I get to the gas station and as I get out of the car I see a gorgeous, GORGEOUS girl. I couldn’t stop staring at her for the life of me. I look away as she looks my way, you know pretending like I wasn’t looking at her, and she says “Hi.” I say it back, finish filling the tank and leave.
I head down to LACMA for the Muse ArtWalk. La Brea is an incredible place. The museums, the art galleries, the tar pits, there is a lot to do and see. The ArtWalk started in LACMA’s park. There was live music, performance art, tons of S.W.A.G. and a graffiti work shop. The best part of the park was the house from this year’s Cochella. The exterior was decorated with rustic wind chimes, remediated aluminum cans and beautiful line work. The interior was covered with artwork. Tons and tons of paintings, sketches, stickers and photographs. It was way cool. An artist named Sonic was supposed to do an installation where he covered trees and part of the lake in plastic but he only finished half of the tree. I got to see my uncle lay the hammer, haha, he basically told that guy to fuck off and that he wasn’t going to be paid. Which is okay because Sonic is a douche. He was yelling at the people kicking the beach balls he brought as part of his installation. Really? They’re beach balls, jackass.
The Walk consisted of 25 galleries down or around La Brea. Think of First Friday on Santa Fe but much much much better. There were DJs actually playing music you wanted to dance to. The crowd was young giving off a fun vibe. When they say free wine they don’t mean for the first 15 people, bottles were flowing. It was just fantastic. I had Kogi! It’s a Korean bbq taco truck and it’s delicious. The thing about Kogi is that they post their location via twitter and people show up. THEY SHOW UP, that line was ridiculous. Thank God I didn’t have to wait in line but I would have. Who knew a tofu taco could be so good.
I met up with my uncle at the sculpture garden where I received my badge. My get away with anything card. But there was so much happening outside the museum that I didn’t get to use it.  I helped set up the stage and sound boards for the Bollywood show. I know right, Bollywood. But it was actually a lot of fun. The energy and the amount of people it brought in was amazing.
Before I knew it, it was 830 and time to head over to El Rey for the after party. Walking into El Rey reminded me of the Fox. They were about the same size with the main area in front of the stage with seating on the sides against the walls. Very similar layout but El Rey has 3 massive chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the seating areas on the side are the VIP section. It’s glitzy and fabulous. I am going back soon to see Bat for Lashes.
The after party was so much fun. It wasn’t a theme party but a lot of people dressed up like it was the 20s. It was definitely a new scene. There was rockabilly music and during the breaks there was a mad dash to the bar. This is where the badge came in handy as well as my all access wristbands. Because of the badge all my drinks were free and the wristbands meant no waiting in lines. Life of a big shot feels pretty fantastic. I had a Grolsch but then they brought out their drink of the night and I had one of those. It was so good. So I had another followed by two more. I had no idea what it was. All I knew is that I liked them and they were free. Turns out it was Absinthe and orange juice. Absinthe is back but without the hallucinogen. It tastes like black licorice but the orange juice mellowed it out and made the drink extremely tasty. Vod and The Villains hit the stage, all 18 of them. It was big band music accompanied by burlesque dancers. They put on a good show but I would have preferred a bangin’ set by a local DJ. It was a perfect end to the perfect day.
That was my Saturday.

Since then I’ve been taking it pretty easy. Just walking around, graffiti hunting and visiting my favorite places to eat. The road to  the bridge is closed which makes it a prime spot to hit. By the end of the week there will be a “hanger” on one of those pillars.


3 Responses to “Schitz Popinov”

  1. jeana. 02/06/2009 at 9:12 PM #

    YP we’re both on wordpress at the same time. ANYWAY, I’m seriously going to slap you if you don’t start asking girls for their numbers! “Hi”=opening line!! Do something next time! You’re killin’ me dude.

    • Angel 02/06/2009 at 9:43 PM #

      Yeah I know. Next time I promise 🙂

      • jeana. 02/06/2009 at 9:50 PM #

        omg what is YP? i’m retarded.

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