quick update of the best weekend EVER

21 Jul

since I’ve been home there has been no time to sit and write. Even now I’m pressed for time. So here. Thursday, went to Denver Diner with LAZRtag after the show then to their hotel. We talked about random stuff like- Hip Hop Abs, Pirates and breast milk. They are really cool and down to Earth. We still don’t know what happened to FROG. Shout out to Chelsea. Friday, Beta+Jill’s Naughty Pocahontas+Pho @ 3 AM=MAGIC! Saturday, OMFG Global! It was great, even though the power went out for a brief moment. Digweed and Sasha are ridiculous. Can’t wait til next year. Everyday, at the tattoo shop learning the ropes and painting shit on walls. Hooray for Michael Jackson silohuettes.

Well, back to work. I’ll post pictures from this weekend somewhere and soon.


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