Good times.

16 Aug

Drinking Tecate has become a ritual. Every day around 2 or so I go on a beer run. Through the alley, past the car, next to the 7 11 is the destination. I walk in, shake Aaron’s hand and grab the usual. A 30 rack of Tecate, Twang salt and some Clamato. 31.74 everytime. Needless to say I’m sick of Tecate, well beer in general. I’ll have one or two while I sit at the desk. The best part comes when my cousin gets so blitzed he starts to dance around the shop and scream profanities. It’s a great time and we always laugh so much it hurts.

Here are some songs that have become shop anthems and/or “time to dance” songs.

Jackson 5- Life of the Party (Bastille’s Let’s Get Down Remix)

Dub Pistols- I’m in Love (Foamo Remix)

Crookers and Ying Yang Twins- Ain’t Looking for a Bush

Enur- Calabria (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)

Chemical Brothers- Midnight Madness


One Response to “Good times.”

  1. apeswithbarrels 21/08/2009 at 1:40 AM #

    Cheers for posting our track!

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