Being Productive

20 Jan

NOTE: This was supposed to be posted last Friday. Rapidshare was being a douche and didn’t give me a link. Today the same thing happened. This mix is out in the world wide web somewheres. As soon as I can get a link I will post it. Thank you for your patience 🙂

The first time I tried making this mix I had a handheld recorder that did not work. The day after it was due I figured out how to record everything on my Mac. Sad day. I put off redoing it because I wanted to do other things. i.e. Sex Panther Volume 1. Which was a valiant effort but only produced one mix worth mentioning. This was supposed to be my demo for Beta that was due back in October. It’s top 40, which is okay but I prefer to mix house music. Thankfully I wrote down the track list from the original which makes it a lot easier to recreate. This kicks off day one of being productive along with the three canvases that I painted over. For those of you that do download this please leave some feedback. Any comments will help. Be honest. To be the best we must remove everything that is holding us back.

I hope you like it. Thanks

P.S. I totally recognize the irony from my earlier post of never wanting to hear Sexy Bitch again and putting it in this mix. It’s the banging remix not the overplayed crapfest that’s on the radio.


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