I’m Bored. Why Not?

31 Jan

I’ve decided just to record everytime I’m playing around on Traktor. There are times when I make something awesome and it’s not recorded…sadness. An example of this is the wampy sound I got from Spawn Blond- Waterfalls. Usually I steer away from the wampyness that is dubstep but I really liked the sound that was coming from my speakers because I made it. Now not everthing that happens during these sessions is good. That’s where good ol’ Command X comes in. Deleted. It never happened. We start over. So I’m just going to start posting these random sparks of musical fun-ness. Eh…fun-ness? Is there a better way to say that. I’ll fix it later. Til then, enjoy these. I have fun making them. I hope you like them but if you don’t you can always delete them from your computer. I won’t be offended because I won’t know.  😀


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