22 Feb

It’s my birthday. Today I turn 23. Yep. Hopefully 23 will be as good as 22 or maybe surpass it. Not to brag but I probably had the best 22nd year of life EVER.
I thought the snow would ruin this weekend. Snow. I hate you.  It didn’t but I would have preferred it at another time or not at all. Thursday I spent the night with ATB. The show was oversold and super crowded. I usually don’t mind that sort of thing because Beta is the spot. So many great nights.  This time it was different. ATB was actually a big disappointment, which makes me really sad. The first 45 minutes were amazing. Everything was on point and the place was rocking. Then my song, Long Way Home, came on and I lost it.  After that it was like he ran out of ideas.  Cutting off the music to hear people sing parts is annoying when it happens every 10 minutes and turning the volume up and down does not make for a good build up or passable transition. I couldn’t believe it. ATB is/was at the top of my list of DJ’s now he’s just ehh. I stick to my copy of Seven Years and hopefully ATB will put on better shows. I won’t be there so let me know how it goes.
Friday was pretty chill. Went to David’s and played some drinking games followed by vidja games. Nothing exciting but I love hanging out with my cousins.
Saturday! Oh man Saturday!!! To start off I got a sick lime green Nixon watch with blue violet hands it shall be called The Hulk.  I usually don’t wear a watch, what with all my other jewelry. Yeah I rock pink plastic beads and Beta wristbands, the blue one from Thanksgiving and the white one that I said I would never take off are on me permanently or until they corrode and fall off themselves. Then tacos with the Aranda’s. Delicious delicious tacos and flan for dessert. Then it was off to the Marquis for Hyper Crush and Breathe Carolina. Black lights, neon and Holly. All of my favorite things in one place…so great! They played 5 songs, 4 of which are my favorites. The Arcade I’m not so crazy about but Donnie had a sick light up Nintendo Power Glove.  Breathe Carolina came on and did their thing but I think Hyper Crush should have been the headliner for sure, five songs is not enough.  After that we made the trek to good old reliable Beta for some dancin’. We get to the VIP door and the guy says, “I can’t find you on the list.” Sadness! Not to worry. Because I practically live there Thursday thru Saturday he lets us in anyway. Shout out to the door guy for being a badass. We get in and are the only ones that don’t work there rocking a mustache. Did everyone else miss the memo? Squares.  Jill was rocking two hand staches. On the left, a huge distinguished mustache. On the right, a tiny maniacal stache. Both equally awesome. Tommie Sunshine put on a great set for the 50 people that were there. I had a Horny Pocahontas followed by a whiskey coke…YUMMERS!!!
Sunday was a recoop day. Stayed in bed until 2 then went to Steuben’s for a grilled cheese. I got home around 6 PM and crashed.
Good times. Tonight I’m going to Boulder for some funfetti cupcakes and whiskey. Not a bad way to end this birthday weekend. Unless you count Thursday night when I go back to Beta for MORGAN PAGE!!!!!! Yeah. That’s right. I LOBE HIM. Take that how ever you’d like but I’m not going to go any deeper than that.


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