Another one off the list

22 Sep

As of late I’ve been downloading mass amounts of music. Hype Machine, Sound Cloud and Limewire have all contributed to my search for great tracks. Pandora has been solid as well. Type in Dash Berlin and you will see what I mean. It plays in the background for hours and when I hear something I like and don’t have I type it on my stickies. White with fluorescent pink letters. Yep, I have not changed. After that I begin my search. Tonight I have 12 new songs to find. Yesterday it was 6. Right away, thanks to soundcloud, I found 4 of them. So far it’s been pretty easy but there is always that one that cannot be found and that’s when I turn to Garza. He always comes through, finding the exact song. In a matter of minutes he replies with “check your email.” Bam. There it is. Good stuff. Here’s a sample of what I am looking for tonight. Kind of relaxing, calming and a little dubby for my taste but I like the lyrics. Here you go. Enjoy. đŸ™‚

Sunlounger – Lost (Chill version)


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