Back on track.

6 May

Dear Bert,

You totally redeemed yourself.

After being utterly disappointed with the release of Artwork I found myself at a cross roads. I chose to step away, push that album aside and hope for better things. I continually listened to the others but couldn’t find myself to give Artwork another chance. I suppose I expected too much after three great albums. That alone may have set me up for the big let down. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I had no idea this album was released. I was talking to a friend contemplating if I wanted to go see them at this years warped tour. When he responded with, “Did you get the new album?” I sat there, mouth agape with a blank stare on my face. “What?” My friend throws the disc in and that’s when I hear that familiar sound. Instantaneously, Artwork is erased and all is forgiven. Like In Love and Death and Lies for the Liars, the songs seem to fit my current situation. This is The Used that made a shy high school sophomore feel comfortable enough at shows to belt out songs and go crazy in the pit. This is The Used I love. This is The Used that I need. This is The Used. Thank you.

The Used – I Come Alive


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