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26 Oct


It’s almost Halloween!


NYCHOS “Translucent Fear”

19 Oct

If you are in Zurich between Oct. 22nd-Nov. 22nd make sure to stop by Kolly Gallery to see some insane artwork. Did you watch the trailer? Yes. Yes we should all go. Yes.

More info over at Juxtapoz

This is what I do now. Just a taste.

19 Oct

I still paint with a brush and sketch in my books but this has taken priority over all art forms at the moment. In time, I will share more of what I have been doing. It’s been a busy few months. For now, here are some Halloween sketches.


Hello Again!

19 Oct

It’s been a while. A lot has changed since the last time I posted here. Well, let’s look at some cool stuff. Ready? Let’s go!