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Very Excite

25 Sep

Finally, BETA ups their line up. This summer was definitely a slow one. BUT it’s looking reeeealllll good.

Thank Goodness

Thursday Sept. 30


Dada Life – Cookies With A Smile (Original Mix)

Thursday Oct. 21


Princess Superstar – Lollipop (Crookers Remix)

Got my tickets. Hope to see you there 🙂


quick update of the best weekend EVER

21 Jul

since I’ve been home there has been no time to sit and write. Even now I’m pressed for time. So here. Thursday, went to Denver Diner with LAZRtag after the show then to their hotel. We talked about random stuff like- Hip Hop Abs, Pirates and breast milk. They are really cool and down to Earth. We still don’t know what happened to FROG. Shout out to Chelsea. Friday, Beta+Jill’s Naughty Pocahontas+Pho @ 3 AM=MAGIC! Saturday, OMFG Global! It was great, even though the power went out for a brief moment. Digweed and Sasha are ridiculous. Can’t wait til next year. Everyday, at the tattoo shop learning the ropes and painting shit on walls. Hooray for Michael Jackson silohuettes.

Well, back to work. I’ll post pictures from this weekend somewhere and soon.


10 Jun

Bottom right. Manufactured Superstars. Got their autographs. Jill gave me a lei. Shit went down.

So much to do

29 May


I’m leaving on a jet plane. Kind of cheesy I know but I’m pretty excited for my trip to LA. Oh God how I love it there. So much, you have no idea. There’s so much to do I can’t even wrap my head around it, just thinking of the first week of June on the miracle mile makes me so happy. Before I go I have to get in one more night of dancing at Beta. Alex K and Savoy tonight. Not a bad way to say goodbye for a while. Haha Al Roker is singing “single ladies” on the today show. Wow. Haha. Anyway. Lots of drinking and good times. My flight leaves at 9 AM tomorrow. Ouch. Thank god for vitamin B. When I get into LA it’s off to the Muse Art Walk for some fine art, wine and banter with other art folk. Yep, this trip is going to be amazing and will practically seal the deal. Goodbye Colorado. We’ve had some good times but I’ve fallen in love with another.


One more thing:

What’s with all the animosity on Facebook towards the Lakers? Denver fans are loyal and stand behind their teams 100%, I get that but is saying “fuck the fakers” really necessary? I’m sure both sides dish it out but it’s a bit tacky, I think. On that note, GO LAKERS AND STOMP THE FUCKING NUGGETS! Melo and Chauncey can eat a cock salad. Hahahaha

Oh man

7 May

Look! Another BETA pic! There I am, watching the guy attack the canvas while Alex K rocks a set. Aside from Trajikk, Alex K is the best house DJ Beta has.

BAM night was a big letdown. The only highlight of the night was the live artist. He was way into his piece. He was dancing and flinging paint. Then he would sip his drink then hit it with the spray cans. It was cool to see. The “fashion show” was a little awkward. At one point this asian chick started to dry hump some guy on the runway and then I guess she dies and a huge, and I mean huge, white guy carries her through the crowd. There was a stripper on one box and a chick in a glass box. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. It was extremely hard to follow. Adding salt to the wounds, the band that was playing was pretty awful. It was just noise. Thank God Alex K came back to do another set. It was a slow night so I had the chance to talk to Jill. We talked about her other job and the ridiculous things I had drawn on my hands. She gave me another whisky coke, which she makes ridiculously strong but I enjoy them. I finished my drink, made my rounds and left. That was my first and possibly last BAM night.

P.S. There has been a rise in the number of old people attending Beta. The other night there was like a 60 year old man sipping wine in our dance box. WTF? Get the fuck out of here. Creeper. I blame Westword.

Look. We Made It!

27 Apr


Look! We made the Beta website!!! MORGAN PAGE! Me and my cousins, David and Adam. Gloria is there somewheres. Right in the front for a hot set. HA, look at my face. Believe me, I was way more pumped than the picture depicts.

Anyway, I don’t know what is happening over at Hype Machine but it feels like everything I already have is barely reaching the top 100. Maybe I am too addicted, picking up everything before everyone just feels good I guess. Well, today I finally found some good songs. It’s been a rough two weeks.

Strange_Enough (Designer Drugs Remix)

Mujava-Township Funk (Diplo Remix)

Grum-Go Back (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Enjoy! They’s goooooooood.


12 Apr

Besides the fact that a shot of patron now costs $10 and all the specials of NOISE! went up a dollar Beta is still the most ridiculous club…EVAR! The line up for this month has just blown my mind and it’s only the 12th. Anyway the wristbands have been upped as well to a more resiliant sturdy piece of plastic with a great cause alongside the bold black print. Simple yet magnificent. I likes it. I likes it a lot. 12-04-09_1203