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12 May

I got a D in my new media class. NO BUENO. This means I have to take another art history class. Fuckballs. I am so pissed. This means I have to go the whole semester next fall and not get out November 26th like I had planned by only taking studio classes, which really sucks. I had to drop 3 classes to pick up one art history class. I am waitlisted for 3 of my 4 classes. It sucks but it’s my own fault. MEH….

84 degrees today! Amazing.

This week I am studying the work of FAFI. She was part of the movement in Toulouse of making graffiti art with paint brushes. She is a member of the Hanky Pank Girls, the crew started by Miss Van in the early 90s. Though she is not as popular as Miss Van, FAFI along with PLUME and Madamoiselle Kat  played an equal part in taking a fine art style and applying it in an urban setting. Good Stuff! 🙂