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In two nights sleep

16 Apr

I will be playing a mad set for some close family friends. Yeah 7 hours of spanish music. Sounds great. I can’t wait….eh. Spanish music, that’s all. You’ve got to be kidding me. At least I know that these people dance to music and not just sit there, get drunk then sing the songs and get in fights. Still, that’s a hella long time to play one type of music. It’s like that one time we had to play New Mexico music. Painful. It’s good money but I question whether it’s worth the agony of playing the kind of music you try so hard to stay away from. Maybe I’ll be slick and slip in some Kaskade (oh my god Kaskade was so ridiculous I still can’t get over it). We shall see how it goes. Hopefully the old people go home early. That would be nice.