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damn snow

17 Apr

It’s blizzarding outside. Wait…blizzarding? Is that a word? Anyway all I know is I’m stuck at home sitting on a couch watching a horrible stand up comedian on the television. Yeah. Life is just fantastic tonight.

On a lighter note. I just finished bidding on a custom Munny by the infamous Beast Brothers (pictured below). It’s part of the 30X30 project to help out the kids in Cambodia. 30 Munnies by 30 big time artists (Alex Pardee, Tim Biskup, Tara McPherson, 123 Klan…I know right, ridiculous) They are pretty sick and it’s for charity, so that’s cool. Hopefully I get it. **Fingers crossed**

Check it out. The art work kicks and it’s for a good cause.


Munny by The Beast Brothers

This just in:

BETA is free tonight…DAMMIT!