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Just when I was about

13 Mar

to write a blog about my concern of Calvin Harris’ whereabouts and his lack of new music, I stumble upon a new track!!! Not only that, but there are talks of a new album. VERY EXCITE!

Calvin Harris – Awooga


Pretty great

20 Aug



uno mas

16 Aug

New Calvin Harris is coming out tomorrow! Is anyone as excited as I am? The first album was so great. I like very much. I can’t wait. It shall be grand.


A little walking music

18 Jun


I get dropped off in dfferent parts of town. With my Map For Your Art in hand my journeys begin. It’s a lot of fun walking around an area I’m not familiar with at all. Yesterday I walked to Carmichael Gallery after the Incubus show. I took the scenic root, so to speak. I went up Fairfax. Stopped on 3rd at the Grove, a really nice outdoor shopping center. Stopped by the Barnes and Noble and picked up the latest Juxtapoz *sorry Alvin, but I just can’t give it up…yet* and a Ramune from World Market. I continued up Fairfax turned onto Melrose. There were tons of little shops but it was 1030 and they were closed. WTF? Made it to La Brea, turned left and walked and walked. I passed the world famous Pinks Hot Dogs and possibly the fanciest Target in the world. Passed Santa Monica Blvd. into West Hollywood. I had finally reached Fountain and there it was. It was a long walk but totally worth it. Know Hope is one of my favorite artists and it was great to see his work up close and walk around his installation. High Voltage is right next door so I stopped by, hoping to see Kat Von D but alas she was not there. Corey was in the corner drawing in his sketch book. They were shooting an episode so I might be on TV. I walked back to LACMA.  Not a bad way to spend 5 hours.

I would’ve died, well not die, but it would have  been really boring if I didn’t have my Ipod and these tunes:

Deejay Raph – Fuck Me I’m French (Pance Party RMX)

Soulwax – NY Excuse (Tiga Mix)

Duran Duran – Nite Runner (MONSTR Remix)

Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge (Naum Gabo Remix)

Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (Three Fingers Remix)

Last but not least:

Alex K’s set from a Noise Friday in March 2009

Good stuff. Who knows what tomorrow brings. I’m sure it’ll be great. Goodnight!