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19 Apr


It’s supposed to be 80 degrees. Mhmm. Yeah sunny days! Enough of this snow bullshit. Maybe I’m just bitter because I had to shovel it yesterday. 15 dollars an hour seems nice but my body aches and I had the hardest time loading the JBLs into the truck last night.

Anyway, back to Thursday. It’s going to be so nice out. I’ll probrably skip all my afternoon classes. Yes, that sounds like a plan. Then it’s off to BETA for Morgan Page! He’s ranked #5 in the world amongst professional DJs so I’m pretty sure I will be dancing super hard all night. That and the double whiskey cokes I will inevitably consume. *SIDENOTE I had an adios motherfucker last night. Picture a long island ice tea but blue and way stronger. Yeah. I felt pretty good after that.*
Thursday shall be the tits!